Take-Away Menu
Street food inspired
light bites

Fish Pakora  
A Punjabi favourite. Boneless fish battered in gram flour & fried. Served with salad & green chutney. 

Two handmade vegetable or chicken filled golden parcels, handmade in small batches. Served with chutney.

Onion Pakoras  
Crisp & light onions in gram flour batter just like mummy used to make, served with a delicious chutney. 

Sticky Murgh Wings  £4.95
Marinated, then fried chicken wings covered in a sticky tangy sauce.

1/4 Succulent Tandoori Chicken  £4.95
Served on a sizzler with onions & peppers

Afghani Chicken £4.95
Boneless chicken in a ‘secret’ creamy marinade, skewered and cooked in Tandoor.

Chilli Paneer  £4.95
An Indian favourite. Soft cheese cooked with peppers & onions in chilli sauce. Chinese influence from the streets of Delhi.

Masala Bhutta 
Spiced, fire roasted corn on the cob.

From Tandoor/Grill

1/2 Succulent Tandoori Chicken 
Served on a sizzler with onions and peppers

Old Delhi Sheek Kebab 
Spiced Lamb with onions and peppers skewered & cooked in tandoor, served on a sizzler with Indian bread

Lamb Tikka 
Spiced boneless Lamb skewered with peppers & onion

Afghani Chicken Main
Boneless chicken in a ‘secret’ creamy marinade,skewered and cooked in Tandoor. Served on sizzler with onions & peppers

Goan Tiger Prawns 
King of prawns, butterflied, delicately spiced and grilled. Served on a sizzling plate with onions and peppers.

Paneer Tikka 
Soft Indian cheese, spiced & skewered, cooked in tandoor. Served on sizzler with onions, peppers and chutney.

Grilled Rajasthani spiced Salmon 
Salmon fillet in a double marinade, grilled & served with onions & peppers.

Tandoori Platter for 1 £7.95
1/4 Tandoori chicken, 1 sheek kebab, 1 tiger prawn & paneer tikka. Served with onions & peppers.

Tandoori Platter for 2 £15.95
1/2 Tandoori chicken, 2 sheek kebabs, 2 tiger prawns & paneer tikka. Served with Onions & peppers.

 Suitable for Vegans

 Contains Gluten

 Contains Nuts

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House Kitchen

Calcutta Prawn Curry   £9.95
Delicately marinated king prawns cooked in a light creamy gravy.

Royal Chicken Korma  £7.50
A centuries old recipe of boneless chicken cooked in a rose scented creamy gravy. (contains cashew nuts)

Chettinad Chicken  £7.50
Boneless chicken thigh fillets stir fried in a spicy tomato & onion based gravy.

Delhi’s Famous Butter Chicken  £7.95
Chicken cooked in a rich & smooth tomato & butter gravy with fenugreek & ginger.

Punjabi Railway Lamb Curry  £9.95
Slow cooked, melt in the mouth lamb in a thick & luscious yoghurt gravy.

Saag Chicken / Lamb  £7.50 /
Boneless chicken or lamb cooked in a smooth tomato & spinach gravy with a hint of ginger & green chillies.

Paneer Makhani £7.50
Soft cubes of Indian cheese cooked in a light ginger infused creamy gravy.

Jungle Lamb Curry  £9.95
Hunters recipe for a simple slow cooked stew with black pepper, lemon, green chillies & ginger.

Biryani Noorjahan  £6.95 /
A family recipe of fragrant chicken or lamb, layered with basmati rice, crisp onions & saffron.

Macchi Curry   £8.95
Cod fillet in a light lemony yoghurt gravy. (contains cashew nuts)

Paneer Shimla Mirch  £7.50
Soft Indian Cheese cooked with onion,tomato & sweet peppers.

Afghani Chicken Masala £8.95
Tandoori cooked Afghani chicken served with creamy coconut & tomato gravy.

Chilli Chicken  £8.95
Boneless chicken cooked with onions & peppers in a hot & tangy chilli gravy

Bombay Chicken / Lamb  £6.95 /
Boneless chicken or lamb fried with whole spices,chunks of onion & peppers in a medium heat tomato gravy


Roti  £1.75
Whole wheat flat bread

Parantha  £2.50
Crisp, layered whole wheat flat bread

Butter Naan  £2.50
Fluffy Tandoori bread

Garlic & Coriander Naan 

Keema Naan  £3.50
Filled with spice mince lamb

Peshawari Naan    £2.95
(Contains Almonds and Pistachio nuts)

Cheese & Garlic Naan 

Stilton Naan  £3.95


Steamed Basmati Rice £2.25

Pilau Rice £2.95
Basmati rice cooked with whole spices & vegetables

Mushroom Rice £3.50

Saffron & Lemon Rice £3.95


Mango Cheesecake £3.50
Mango cheesecake on a ginger biscuit base served with vanilla ice cream

Ice Cream £2.50
2 scoops of Ice cream of your choice

Hindu Kitchen

Baighan Ka Bhartha  
Smoked aubergine with green chillies, ginger, tomatoes & peas.

Aloo Gobi  
Potatoes and cauliflower in a light tomato based gravy with ginger & green chillies.

Bhindi Fry  
Okra stir fried with cumin, ginger, green chillies & onions.

Saag Aloo 
Potato cooked in a smooth tomato & spinach based gravy with a hint of green chilli & ginger.

Masala Mushrooms  
Stir fired mushrooms in a spicy tomato based masala.

Rajma Chawal  
(The ❝ Sunday roast❞  of Hindu kitchen. Red kidney beans cooked in a light spicy gravy served with steamed basmati rice.

Roadside Dal £4.50
Black lentils simmered with tomatoes & garlic over eight hours for a rich 'melt in the mouth' experience.

Bombay Potatoes  
Mini potatoes, stir fried in whole spices for a crisp & crunch finish.

Chana Aloo Masala  
Chickpeas and potato cooked with onion,garlic and green chilli.

Tadka Dal   
Light Moong (Yellow) Lentils cooked with cumin,garlic, onions and tomato.



Mint Raita

Cucumber Raita
Chutney Set
Mango Chutney
Tomato & Garlic Chutney
Katchumber Salad

Pickled Red Onion

Lime Pickle

Fresh Green salad

Chips £2.75

Drinks (Take away)

Soft drinks 1.5L
Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite

Can 330ml
San Pellegrino Orange, Lemon

Sparkling Water

Still Water

Bottle of Red, Rose or White wine from

Katchumber Salad


Champagne from

Cider Bottle 500 ml

Beer Bottle 330 ml

Beer Bottle 660 ml £5.00

All our food is free from artificial colours & flavours. We do not use peanuts in our kitchens but we cannot guarantee our dishes are peanut free.